Monday, September 24, 2018

Weird Toys for Your Toy Chest

A reader suggested that I can't have a weekly series in the blog on "super toys" without counteracting all the hype by having a similar weekly series on the worlds weirdest toys.  What do you think?  Many strange toys have been produced over the years.  What is the weirdest, most bizarre toy you can think of?  Pet rocks?  Do you remember Pogs?  How about Poo-Dough?  Maybe all strange toys start with the letter "P."  I guess there are always Hula Hoops!  Actually I've done a little research and I think some of the strange toys I've found both in the US as well as from other countries would be fun and interesting to share.  So stay tuned to a periodic post in this blog on the World's Weirdest Toys!

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